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Racing Sounds

Here is our nice little directory of racing sounds

Our Porsche 924 This was made when my friend Shawn and I went to get some chinese food. Ignore the rattling of tools in the car. Pardon the language but we were going pretty fast (I won't say how fast or where).

Our Porsche 924 again This is on the way back home from getting chinese food.

Shawn's 1989 Acura Integra.

Grand Am sounds

Ford, Mazda, and Judd V10 during Grand Am race 0:17 Grand Am during the 6 Hours race 0:22 Another clip of the Grand Am 6 Hours Race 0:49
Sports Racer Qualifying 0:20 Grand Am night qualifying 0:54 Sports Racer Qualifying Friday Night 0:16
Grand Am Prototypes 0:09 Another cool clip during the 6 hours race 0:31 Grand Am race in boot section 0:40
Riley and Scott Ford 0:05 Grand Am race 0:19 More Sports Racer Qualifying 0:20
Saleen Mustang and Porsche GT3R 0:32 Grand Am late during the 6 hours race on sunday afternoon 0:31 The Forest during Grand Am 0:42

Vintage GTP and GT cars

Ferrari F93 Formula 1 0:16 Can Am Cars 0:30
GT Race Cars 0:57 GTP Racing Cars 25:54!!! (1/2 a GTP race)
Porsche 917 and Spice Chevy GTP-L 0:23 Porsche 924 GTR and Spice Chevy GTP-L 0:23
Spice Chevy and Porsche 917 1:09 Various racing ambience 4:04

Check out the Grand-Am web site!

Check out Professional Sports Car Racing (previously IMSA)!

More Porsche Sounds:

this part is under construction, keep an eye out for TONS of Porsche sounds! Ahmet is on the Pelican Parts BBS and he has a 944

Ahmet: auuuu Ahmet: best Ahmet: exhaust recorded right at the muffler
Ahmet: love that sound! Ahmet: my best run Ahmet: rev up inside
Ahmet: underhood Ahmet: wave 3 Ahmet:wave8
a 911 SC 911 turbo  
Bob Novas 914 Bob Novas 911